The Futon Shop | Custom Bed Cushions

Living full time on the road in 100 sq. ft. can sometimes be stressful and downright cramped - so we strive to make our tiny home on wheels more comfortable in similar ways of a traditional home. To optimize our small space, we designed our bed to convert from day seating to evening sleeping, however, for years our foam bedding was bulky and clunky to setup. Our original foam cushions were heavy and very firm - resulting in many sleepless nights from tossing and turning. We even tried adding softer foam toppers, but each day these cushions would shift while driving - and we'd have a mess to pick up upon arriving at our next destination.

We got tired of this unnecessary chaos and looked for a better solution.

We came across The Futon Shop and saw they offer custom cushions made with certified organic materials - such as cotton and wool. We were happy to find a company that prioritized sustainability, hand-made their products in California, and didn't have harsh chemical mattresses. We contacted them, sent our bed dimensions, selected our fabric, and ordered our custom cushions. Our cushions arrived promptly and they looked terrific at first, but upon installing them in the bus, we soon realized - these cushions are far too heavy and had a bulbous shape to each individual piece. We slept one night on these cushions and contacted The Futon Shop to see how we can fix this issue because there were large gaps incapable of supporting our backs properly. They invited us and our bus to visit their San Francisco headquarters where we closely worked together to resolve this issue.

The team at The Futon Shop was incredible and very understanding of our predicament. After we gave them a tour of our bus and showed them how we have to setup and take down our bed twice each day, they figured out ways to improve our cushions. They reviewed our fabric selected and suggested we switch fabrics to a more durable long-lasting material that is water repelling and scratch resistant - perfect for our adventures. They also updated the cushion material to include an organic latex layer which helped provide flexible back support. They understood the need for quality sleep and provided us exceptional customer service to ensure we finally would sleep peacefully at night.

We love our custom cushions and would highly recommend this company to everyone. Whether you're looking to revamp your home with a fresh futon or mattress, or your a van-life dweller needing some cushions - The Futon Shop is a great resource and company who will enthusiastically work with you to help make your space more comfortable.

Click here to visit The Futon Shop's website... and let them know the blue bus referred ya.