Inspiralizer by Inspiralized

The Inspiralizer allows us to enjoy our favorite comfort food with a healthier twist. We prefer to not cook indoors in the summer because of the rising heat outside, and inside the bus, so boiling a pot of water isn't our ideal method for noodles. However, we LOVE pastas, and we found an alternative way to combine nutrition with great taste. We often enjoy zucchini noodles - zoodles - with a hearty tomato sauce and cheese (yes, please!). Plus there's a great cookbook and online recipe catalog to choose from and easily get inspired for the next meal. Our favorite spiralized ingredients include butternut squash, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini. Practically any veggie can be spiralized for a nutrition-filled meal to help fuel our bellies for the next adventure.

Click here to visit Inspiralized's website... and let them know the blue bus referred ya.