Home Reserve

Adaptable furniture for everyday life - and bus life - we love our Home Reserve couch! Their products are built from renewable materials and are custom made to fit your dream living space. Did we mention how comfortable this couch is too? Designed with functionality in mind it also provides extra storage space under the cushions. We're not worried about spills because clean up is a breeze - we unzip the covers and toss them in the wash whenever we want to spruce up the bus. During the build we had difficulty finding cushions that would fit our custom sized bed (slightly larger than a queen but smaller than a king) and Home Reserve allowed us to purchase foam and matching fabric - similar to our couch. Jessica had the task of tailoring and sewing the fabric, but boy those cushions came out looking nice, don't you think?

Click here to visit Home Reserve's website... and let them know the blue bus referred ya.