DIFF Charitable Eyewear

DIFF Charitable Eyewear provides stylish protection from the sun's harmful rays. High quality eyewear at a fraction of the cost, and best of all - for each pair of sunglasses sold DIFF donates one pair of reading glasses. "Buy a pair, give a pair!" We love companies that strive to better the world, and helping someone receive reading glasses hits close to Nick's heart. He wore strong prescription glasses starting at the age of four and could hardly see without them. Thankfully he was a perfect candidate to receive LASIK and he no longer needs glasses, but he is more than enthusiastic to help someone with vision issues and improve their quality of life. By purchasing sunnies and supporting their campaigns, we're able to help those in need read. Plus DIFF's fun styles add flare to any outfit and you'll be sure to receive lots of compliments.

Click here to visit DIFF's website... and let them know the blue bus referred ya.